Chaire de recherche sur l’intégration et la gestion des diversités en emploi

Chaire de recherche sur l’intégration et la gestion des diversités en emploi

Research areas

Axis 1 : Integration and Management of Diversity in the Workplace

This theme focuses on actions to promote diversity and implementation of relevant practices for managing diversity in the region's workplace. While it is true that the theme focuses on ethnocultural diversity, it also takes in consideration other forms of diversity, including people with disabilities, those with mental health problems and precarious workers.

Research projects in this area will focus on private businesses and the public sector. We will attempt to understand the obstacles encountered and working conditions for the sake of better integration in Quebec’s regions. These projects will focus on the role of various actors: business leaders, human resource managers, members of professional orders, union representatives, employment agencies and specialized development organizations. We will also take a look at employability, as well as working in integration and diversity management

Axis 2 : Public Policies, Social and Professional Integration and Diversity Management in the Region

This axis merges research projects and monitoring activities, both national and international, focusing in particular on public policy issues related to the social and professional integration of immigrants in terms of management of diversity in the regions of Quebec.

The research projects of this axis will focus on the specific link between services and public policies, in order to support and integrate the newcomers into the labor market.

Axis 3 : Integration and Socioprofessional Networks of Individuals From Diverses Backgrounds

This axis is dedicated to study of various social, professional, virtual, formal and informal networks used by people from diverse backgrounds during their process of socio-professional integration in the region. It will also examine the relevant networks used by companies in their process of attracting this category of people.

Axis 4 : Transitions in the Labour Market and Diversity Workforce in Quebec

Projects within this axis examine the paths and professional transitions of people from diverse backgrounds. The aim is a better understanding of the labor market’s dynamics in different regions of Quebec. In addition to qualitative approaches, the projects will also adopt quantitative approaches.